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Small Business Bookkeeping Services in Argyle, TX

Financial Statements

Argyle Small Business Bookkeeping Services

….We provide a financial setup service after an initial consultation that will establish all the necessary balance sheet and profit and loss accounts needed for you to track your profitability.

…We provide a monthly balance sheet which will list the most current balances in your asset accounts, your unpaid liabilities and net worth. The profit and loss statement will show revenues and expenses by your category choices.

Payroll Services

…..You can avoid having to pay a separate payroll service for all the necessary reports, tax filings and the hassle of dealing with the payroll for a company with a limited number of employees. We can also maintain all necessary employee records.

Financial Analysis

….Our services will include snapshot bar and chart graphs of every element of your business that includes sales, expenses, customer receivables, vendors and budgets. It includes recommendations in areas that will allow your overall business to be more efficient.


……We provide complete bank and general ledger account reconciliations necessary to provide you with complete information needed to operate your business in the most efficient manner necessary. We also provide detail transactions by account upon request.

Argyle Small Business Bookkeeping ServicesCustomer Billings

….We create the necessary customer invoices and follow up to assure collections are timely. This service also provides estimate statements, invoice charges, tracking time for billing customer jobs, and processing necessary refunds and credits. We also create the necessary aging reports for customer receivables and analysis.

Disbursements and Deposits

….This service includes tracking and paying your operational expenses due in a timely manner. We process customer payments, and record deposits. We provide banking reports by date, and analysis necessary of all cash and check activity.

Bookkeeping services for small business owners in Argyle, TXState Sales Tax Returns

…..If your business has to track and collect sales tax, our service includes of paying and tracking of what sales tax reports are necessary to be filed with state taxing authorities. This includes tracking sales by necessary county rate when necessary.

Federal Tax Returns

….We prepare and transmit financial files, trial balances and other necessary reports to your Tax accountant for your annual tax return or quarterly tax estimates. We do not provide tax returns for your business as our company is not a tax preparation service.

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